The Oregon Korea Foundation exists to make a difference...

OKF is an organization of those who practice giving and sharing with compassion for their neighbors and community.

OKF is free from political influence or special interests. Its aim is to preserve and share Korean cultural heritage and improve the quality of life for Korean-American communities in Oregon.

Our Mission

To promote, preserve, and share Korean cultural heritage in Oregon. To improve the quality of life for members of Korean-American communities and beyond by raising, managing and providing funds to benefit the community.

About the Oregon Korea Foundation

The Oregon Korea Foundation (OKF) is a 100% volunteer-run, non-profit, non-partisan organization that funds organizations and initiatives to benefit the Oregon Korean American community.  In recent years, the OKF has supported numerous worthy civic organizations, including for example:  the Oregon Korean Community Center, the Korean School of Oregon (serving over 700 families), the Korean American Seniors Association, the Korean Association of Korean War Veterans, the Asian Health & Service Center, the Korean Science and Engineering Association – Oregon, and the Portland International Film Festival.

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